Sunday, July 22, 2012

trend alert

Super-trendy fluo, exposed belly and maxi lenght mixed together into very tasty, fresh and really hot coctail.

Model: Ewelina D.
Clothes: Zara,H&M
Accessorises: H&M, DeeZee, House, Stardivarius

My todays's  model is also a talented stylist and popular fashion blogger @ modishYou.We met once before for a photoshoot for People Places Details blog. Our cooperation was marvelous so we promised each other to do it again:) So here it is, how U like it?


Blogaire said...

Really excellent photos, and a beautiful, beautiful model ... And the clothes? Well, I am a man so am no expert, but they look nice.
What camera did u use?

Zuzana said...

Yes, I like it. The model has amazing eyes and I love this fashion that would fit me perfectly, as I always thought my greatest assets is my bosom, stomach and slim arms.;)) But I rather hide my legs.;))
Great photography as well.:)
It has been a while since I visited, I hope you have been well.;))

maja miusow said...

Im glad to see my both old good blogging friends;) thank U for comments:) Blogaire-its the same camera since 2007:P
Zuzana-Im ok,I keep visiting Ur blog, congrats on big changes;) !

kelly said...

Ach, ale super kopertówa! Z jakiego sklepu? Bo z tego, co widzę, to dodatki są ogólnie opisane a niestety w ogóle jej nie kojarzę!

maja miusow said...


Tecumseh said...

wow! interesująco, ciekawie! ;D

Basia said...

o jakie super czerwone szpilki!! Mam podobne z Zary właśnie ale to chyba nie te :)

zielona-karuzela said...

Białystok! :)